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“Oh gosh. Where should i start?

Bram is intuitive and witty and my very favorite person to work on any project with. Whenever you have Bram in the mix, you literally will have so much fun, as well as creating something clever and beautiful. You can always count him in to get something done that needed to be done yesterday.

When Bram and I start working together, a great synergy develops. Without Bram, I would have been lost about why using Arial is an unforgivable sin.”

Victoria Hartke, copy pundit & frequent partner in crime.

“Long live Arial!

Bram is an eclectic, jack-of-all-trades research guru who keeps a low profile. Keeping things on the down low has proven to be his greatest asset and in my opinion, has secured his position as the back end driver of information discovery.”

Kristin Wall, SEO & SEM maven; also, a grunge photographer in her own right.

“In an attempt to best explain Bram and all his amazing talents what comes to mind is an iconic figure from my childhood. This individual is none other than the main character, whose name was also the title of the late 80’s ABC TV show “MacGyver.” There is nothing this man couldn’t do with a Swiss Army knife and a roll of duct tape. In Bram’s case, I’m sure if you gave him a Swiss Army knife, duct tape, and let him go to town within 72 hours he’d come back having created the newest update to Adobe Creative Suite.

It’s a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, there are occasions when Bram will reveal just how frighteningly talented he is. Account planning, research, strategy, copywriting, creative, graphic, etc. The man wears multiple hats, and often times all at once. I assume that for Bram to do all this he must either be inhuman or seeking the help of some recreational substitute.

While realistically neither is anywhere close to the true source, I can say this: Bram thrives off what he does. It’s so much a part of him, it wouldn’t be surprising to break down his DNA and find ‘advertising’ written in to his genetic make up. His enthusiasm and energy for the work are incomparable. It’s thanks to that energy that he is always working on something new, or recreating his entire portfolio for the fourth time in six months.

As a fellow classmate, it’s been an amazing experience seeing Bram in action and to imagine where he will go. Because I really see no limit to what he is capable of.

Cory Brubaker, Creative Director of brashCreative & source of brews, micro or otherwise.

“Bram is:
  • A type-fanatic. If I am ever in need of a certain “style” of typeface, I know the answer is just a phone call away.
  • Random. Just when you think I’ve figured him out, he surprises me. He’s always a step ahead of everyone.
  • An “elevator-music” enthusiast.
  • A happy guy. Seriously, I have never seen you mad!
  • Extremely resourceful. His mind is/works like a rollodex.

(This was really hard!)”

Hermicar Gaxiola, best friend & design queen.

“Bram is the epitome of reliable, enthusiastic & knowledgable.”

China Z. Hamilton, fellow researcher & Jill-of-all-creative-trade.

“Bram. The king of RANDOM knowledge! Show him a design piece and he’ll critique the hell out of the typography...in a nice way of course. He’s a genius and once you know him, you just can’t live without him! If you have any questions, just ask. :D”

Christine Vo, a visual designer often known for having surprisingly high work ethic & low turnaround time.

Thank you, and good night.